Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Reflection Session 5

Reflection Session 5
The session this week showed an increased ability across the board in the use of the software – app smashing. Minecraft, ishowu, crazytalk, (also hardware tricapture and microphone using screen captures) also creating naming and saving files.
Then students were able to capture images in world and export them to the desk top. They then all renamed the shot and saved it to the appropriate file on the server.

Using this image they then imported it to crazy talk and used it to record their lines and animate the photo. They also all exported the video create and saved it to the server file.

Work Plan Session 4

Session 4
Software for the session Minecraft, ishowU, Crazy Talk, final cut pro
Goal - Talk scene moving scene talking scene moving scene
Creating story board of the film based on the story written in class.
Draw scenes from the film that tell the main event in the story/script the team has developed.
Use Photo booth software to photograph each scene.
Drop the photo into Comic Life software and annotate.
This will become an electronic story board.
Team meeting
Goal set
Role assignment and clarification

Work Plan Session 5

Session 5
In a team meeting the teams will discuss the process to record the speaking parts for each character of their film. They will need to divide the lines and rehearse their lines.
8 mins
Teams must decide on the order they will record their parts. Each character will use Crazy Talk to animate their Minecraft avatar to speak their parts. They will record all their lines of dialogue one after the other. For each line that is recorded the students must give it a name and export it to the desktop. The students can edit them into correct script order in Final Cut Pro later.
In World
Students can work in groups, pairs and singles to film specific lines of script in their films.
Each team member is to log into Minecraft and take a screen shot of their avatar in the right setting or the required scene.
Command shift 3 is the function short cut to screen capture.
They can begin with scenes including with dialogue using Crazy talk software as the tool to bring the animation to life.
Begin filming speaking scenes for the movie.

If students complete the speaking scenes.  - into session 6.
Editing the filmed scenes
Final Cut Pro
To begin todays new film project the teams will need to:
 Open final cut pro
File new event, file new project.

Each team member will record all the lines for their speaking scenes. They will export them to the desktop from the Crazy Talk software. Each scene must be appropriately labelled e.g. Niko scene 1 line 1. Import all speaking scenes and last week’s action scene to the timeline in Final Cut Pro. Ready for editing

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Work Plan Session 3

Session 3
Activity software skill building
This session will focus on filming short action scenes and following directions, I show u software to create a short film including actions designed by the students.
Locating the team in Minecraft
Utilising the setting markers in world to allow team to find their location next time they log in. This can be done through the teacher log in. Gene/Chrisi
Moving in the same space in the Minecraft world
“Acting” in Minecraft Chrisi and Gene to show how two avatars can be in one scene moving together. To look like they are acting.
IshowU – Gene to demonstrate
 5 mins
Teams must negotiate the roles of camera person, director and actors.
Work out a set of movements or action you “actors” can complete in Minecraft that will be filmed by the camera person. The actions can be directed by all team or a nominated director.
10 mins
In World
Locate the team mates
Have the camera person in a position where they can see all the actors in their team.
 10 mins
They will use ishowU to film the action.
Import the film to final cut pro and then to student server file.

30 mins

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Work Plan Session 2

Session 2
Using multiple software to create one end product or publication
Students log into Minecraft and find a place to stand in a position; another avatar takes the photo of the partner. Save image and export the
•             Minecraft
•             Command shift 3 to Screen Capture their Minecraft Avatar
•             Crazy Talk
Prepare an introductory statement that will be voice over for your Minecraft avatar.
Work on a brief dialogue for 2 people 
Record on white board
Rehearse and record

In World
Log in to Minecraft
Photograph a partner’s avatar
Save the image to desktop
Import the image into Crazy Talk – setting the facial markers
Voice – script a brief of introduction
 Export movie
Video – name the file allow it to export.
Save it to the class Minecraft file on student server. Save the movie file to appropriate folder on the server.
Open Final cut pro
Create a new event then a new project.

Drag and drop these crazy talk files from the server to the desktop and then import them into Final cut pro.  Have a go at some scene editing. (Play/practise)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Reflection Session 1 Block 3

What an amazing start to this lat block of Minecraft sessions.
The enthusiasm engagement is high, the students are skilled and ready to begin.
Having seen the last 2 groups films and their production the students are really keen to make even more exciting and fine tuned films.

Now that these student have participated in 2 other Doveton Live programs we can see that they are transferring software skills they picked up using other apps and are applying these new software we use in our sessions.

We are spending the first few sessions skilling them in the software use and they are already developing some great story board s and and script outline sin their classrooms.
the inquiry topic focusing on design and create has lent it self to a problem solution style script. The student are looking at environmental problems inventions and how we as humans can design and create solutions for our greater good.
We cant wait to get these movies started.
Teams interpersonal development
the first team role allocation took place today and they all set appropriate goals and worked towards them in the set time frames. Each team member their set goal and were really supportive of each other.
An extremely positive start to the term.

Work plan Session 1 block 3

We begin again!
New students, new ideas, new build, new movies!
In block 3 the student focus of inquiry is on Design and Create.
The student will begin to develop scripts that reflect their understanding ans research. 
Recycle, reuse, design and create solutions to problems.

Survivor in Minecraft
Design and Create
Narrative, problem and solution

Work program - MinecraftEdu - Doveton College
Year 4-6
Term 4 2014
Session 1
Discuss the Minecraft films created by students in the previous block.
Story board with annotations. Photo of these…
Screen for the children on the TV
Discuss the structures in film.
Touch on each of the software used to create the film.
Discuss the use of multiple pieces of software combined to create on end product.
In World
Get in world and have a go!
Moving the avatar - keys and functions
Build and deconstruct
Teachers to group the students (trial for film crews)
Each team is tasked with building structures in world
·         Design – draw a design of what your team plans to build, rough sketch to prototype.
·         Role allocation
o   Divide the building tasks across the members of the team
o   Each member of the team will be responsible and accountable for a specific part of the build.
·         Teams must have 4 defined roes and each person in the team should be able to relay what their role is and what they are responsible for.
In world
Begin to build the structures you have designed.  Use as many of the construction materials available to you as possible while keeping a consistent look to your design.
View all the structures.

Show Minecraft films that have been made and uploaded to YouTube.